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You’ll likely have noticed, dear reader, that a certain Friday in late November is just another day for us at QWSTION. The ripple effects of bargain culture – environmental destruction, supply chain overload, worker exploitation, to name a few – directly conflict with our goal of driving positive change for the planet and all living beings.

As global trade enters peak sale season, we’re forgoing discounts and eschewing the new to focus on appreciating (and caring for) the everyday goods we already own: Considered purchases that have long served as our trusted companions. Including, of course, the timeless Backpacks, Totes and Sleeves accompanying us and our community day in, day out.


Designed with care from pattern up and manufactured from responsibly sourced materials, our bags are made to last a lifetime, not a season. Yet, like a steadfast wooden table, our natural-fibre materials occasionally need some love to stay healthy. That’s where our in-store Repair Service comes in. Our specialist teams in Zurich, Vienna, Lausanne, and Basel can:

  1. Replace hardware such as buckles and zips
  2. Reinforce stitching
  3. Fix damaged areas and holes
  4. Take on custom requests to ensure the perfect fit​

Here’s how it works: Simply bring your bag into a QWSTION Store and our repair specialist will share a quote (without a mark-up) based on the time and materials required. We do our best to keep the wait to a minimum, though extensive restorations can take up to a few weeks. If that’s the case, we’re pleased to offer a replacement bag in the meantime.

For us, the idea of value is not about grabbing a bargain, but the long-term benefits of the things we let in to our lives. To celebrate the enduring heroes of our collection, share your best shot of you and your well-worn QWSTION favourite on Instagram with the hashtag #wellwornQWSTION.


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