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Move aside, 9-5! Where, how, and when we’re working is transforming at unprecedented speed. In an era of constant connectivity, offices can take the form of our kitchens, a beach, even the sky – wherever we have an internet connection and our devices on hand. Having the freedom to choose our own rhythms and settings for work has become the new normal for many of us. The future of remote work is also poised to benefit the future of the planet, given that a satellite offices cuts out the need for long commutes and the resource use that centralised workspaces demand.

Even in offices, hot desks, flexible working hours, social activities and employee perks are mixing things up. Monday morning group mediation? Check. Want to bring your dog to work? Sure thing. Catered lunch? Yes please! Head to the jungle for a sabbatical? Why not? For all the freedoms this new world of work offers, the blurred lines between how we spend our lives and how we make a living brings its own set of challenges. It’s up to us to find the rhythms, atmospheres and productivity tools that work best for us, set our own boundaries, and hold ourselves to them. The rules are ours to make.

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