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A clear mind, relaxed body and serene spirit – there’s nothing quite like the carefree feeling of long, hot summers, whether spent adventuring in the mountains or lounging on the beach. Given that traveling will be restricted or not possible for so much of the world this year, we’ll be seeking that summer feeling in our own neighbourhoods. The limit is an opportunity – to see the sights and streets we walk past daily with fresh eyes, and to discover different ways of satisfying our appetite for the new. Here are five ways we’ll be channelling escapism locally, shared to spark your imagination.

No matter how long you’ve been a local somewhere, there are always nooks old and new that remain unknown. Now’s the perfect time to explore all those things in your city you’ve never found the time to discover. Whether a new art gallery, a rooftop view or simply a closer look at the biodiversity around you, Bonus points: Embark on a stroll with no destination and no set route in mind. Encounters with the unexpected are guaranteed.


Endless journeys await on the small screen or between the pages of books – right from the comfort of your couch. The vast catalogues of independent streaming channels like the Criterion Collection and Mubi are on standby to whisk you into other spatial and temporal dimensions, or pick a novel set in the place you’d like to go next. For those who miss the journey from A to B, the Man Booker International Prize-winning Flights by Polish author Olga Tokarczuk (translated into English by Jennifer Croft) is a glorious tribute to the act and the art of being in transit.

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Our sense of smell is the fastest (and possibly the most inexpensive) ticket to feeling like we’re somewhere else. Indulge in a bit of aromatic escapism with a scent that takes you back to a favourite city, or conjures up the feeling of adventure. Take your pick from a candle, essential oils, a subtle room perfume – breathe deeply, and enjoy the ride your imagination takes you on.

Where were you this time last year? Or the year before? A quick scroll through your camera roll, a box of old postcards or a growing collection of souvenirs might be enough to transport you back to past journeys. Maybe now’s a good time to relive them ­– by reconnecting with someone you met en route, recreating a local dish, or getting your favourite photo printed and framed for the wall.


With a picnic blanket, a good book and a couple of refreshments packed in your bag, your local network of green spaces is your oyster. A Saturday spent supine in the shade of a leafy tree, the wind gently tousling your hair and your thoughts engrossed in a narrative adventure, is as refreshing as any getaway.

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