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Zero waste pattern

Circularity means eliminating waste by keeping materials in cycles. This way, at the end of the bag’s life span, it can be taken apart and all its components can either biodegrade naturally or be recycled.

It may seem counter-intuitive to talk about the end of a product’s life cycle when we’re newly launching it. But we believe that knowing the impact of a long-term investment is key to making it in the first place. Here’s our circular breakdown of a BioLight bag:

BioLight bags hold their bucket structure thanks to a hybrid of two 100% biodegradable shell fabrics. Bananatex®, our pioneering organic material made from Abacá banana plants, is combine with BioLight, an ultralight, high-density organic cotton made water-resistant with a natural wax coating. Both fabrics will fully biodegrade when naturally composted at the end of their life span.

Our bags gain their shape from pattern up. That means their structure is influenced by our pattern creation. Our goal is to lay out each section so as to eliminate fabric scraps – nothing goes to waste. For BioLight, that meant making a supporting structure from sturdy Bananatex® straps while allowing the lightweight BioLight fabric to form the bag’s voluminous bucket shape. Inside the Medium Bucket, a removable padded laptop case keeps your device secure when needed.

To allow recycling of non-bio-degradable materials, separation needs to be ensured – an important consideration in our design process of the BioLight Collection. Also, materials need to be pure. For reasons of durability, where highest abrasion occurs at the closure, we chose a cord made from 100% polyester, combined with the 100% polyamide puller and stopper. Along with the EVA-protective compartment, these parts are all detachable from the natural shell materials in simple ways for appropriate handling.

The hardware selected for our BioLight Collection is super hardwearing. Each functional detail serves a particular purpose to extend the bag’s lifespan, from secure fastenings and nifty keychains to adjustable straps and modular carry systems. We exclusively use recyclable metal parts, so that when the time comes, the YKK zipper, buckles and key hooks can be simply removed for recycling. Zoom in on our functional details here.

The origin: a natural ecosystem
The origin: a natural ecosystem
Dried Abacá banana plant fibers
Dried Abacá banana plant fibers
Our natural materials leave no trace behind
Our natural materials leave no trace behind
Functional details
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