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QWSTIONS and Answers

with Marianne
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QWSTIONS and Answers

with Marianne

What inspired you to open your own store? Can you tell us about the store location/space and its history?

Between 1999 and 2003 I was exploring independent shops in Switzerland to find the right places at which to sell my own upcycling products. I met inspiring people and loved the variety of possiblities for creating an interesting space. The idea of being able to offer my own range of selected items started to grow. There was not much around at this time. I opened my first store Marinsel in 2006, a tiny shop in Kleinbasel. After a few years I got more and more into fashion and definitely needed more room. Finding this huge space on the other side of the River Rhein in Grossbasel was a great opportunity for the next step and so I opened Ooid Store in August 2014. It has been four interesting years so far!

What are your daily challenges?

To keep track of everything, my two stores, my lovely team, customer care, the changing selection of goods, social media and making tonnes of decisions every day for now and future projects. It’s a never ending cycle, and I love it. ;)

How would you describe your customers? What are they looking for?

Most of our customers are looking for good quality or handmade items with a certain twist. Either super clean or really special in terms of colour, fabric or shape. It’s hard to describe but once you enter the spacious and sleek Ooid Store, you see what kind of style we offer. Most products want to be tried or touched and you can feel the quality. Our customers appreciate the selection we offer them: Keeping it clean without too many options.

What was your first encounter with a bag of ours?

I honestly don’t remember, it was such a long time ago! But I’m sure it would have been a great story.

Is there a question that you have to us?

Will there be a vegan collection in future?

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