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Since day one, our goal has been to align the functionality of our products with the highest possible sustainability – both in manufacturing and the materials they’re made of. Respect for nature and humans alike is a cornerstone of our creative and production processes. Now, we’re taking that commitment one more step forward with the launch of our first fully vegan product range: The Vegan Driftwood Edition.

The debate surrounding the use of leather to make products is complex, with strong opinions exchanged within the QWSTION team as well as amongst our community. The cowhides we’ve been using to make the parts of our bags that are exposed to the most wear and tear are essentially a bi-product of food manufacturing. This informs the nose-to-tail argument that if we already eat meat, we shouldn’t let other animal parts go to waste. But some avoid all animal products both in what they eat and wear. For them the vegan material options available have – up until now – mostly been plastic-based.

Where we all agree within our team, is that avoiding plastic should remain our top priority. But as we embark on the next phase in our ever-evolving sustainability mission, we want to keep improving, questioning our current solutions and exploring ways to create products that are at once sustainable, functional and vegan.


Our answer is the redesign of four of our most popular styles, in which we’ve taken the possibilities of organic cotton to a new level. Each style in the Vegan Driftwood Edition – the Office Pack, the Day Pack, the Small Tote and the Halfday Tote – is made from high density organic cotton canvas. The sturdy and supple material also forms the basis of newly-developed handles, and straps – offering a replacement for leather. Smooth YKK metal zips and our signature multiple carry options complete each of the bags’ qualities, and pave the way for a future that’s both plastic-free and 100% animal friendly.


To accompany its launch, the Vegan Edition was captured in an editorial shot by the ascendant Austrian photographer – and long-time vegetarian – Stephanie Moshammer, with whom we’ve previously collaborated. Stephanie turned the carte blanche we gave her into a surreal, eye-catching shoot which plays on light, shadow and abstraction.

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