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Plastic used to be fantastic – but the party is over. Plastic pollution is damaging all forms of life. It is not degradable and recycling does not work: in the 50-year history with plastic, humanity has not managed to create closed loops. Turning plastic bottles into textiles is not a solution, but actually accelerates pollution and climate change.

It’s time to rethink our relationship with plastic.


Swiss brands QWSTION and MOVER have been challenging the norm for over a decade, to eliminate plastic from functional bags and garments. Their vision of the future is regenerative, one in which humans are a part of nature, leaving the age of exploitation (and plastic) behind.

Now they’ve joined forces to create the QWSTION + MOVER Hip Pack, a lightweight bag for outdoor use, defined by functionality, timeless design and minimal use of resources. Certified organic plant fibers are combined with natural wool and aluminium – ensuring the product will leave no trace. A first, in a field where goods are normally made of 100% plastic.

Crafted in Switzerland from QWSTION’s Cradle to Cradle Certified Bananatex® material, this product is made-to-order, in a limited quantity of 100 pieces.

The QWSTION + MOVER Hip Pack – made from 0% plastic, for a regenerative future.

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