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15th anniversary Granite Edition

To mark the 15th anniversary of QWSTION, we’re channelling more than a decade of asking, learning and growing into a collection that celebrates both our starting point and how far we’ve come.

Designed for full circularity and made from plants not plastic, the Granite Edition features a very special new version of our Bananatex® material. Both the collection and the fabric at its base are a nod to the resilient natural-fibre textiles used for Swiss Army backpacks before plastic became the norm. It was these highly durable bags that inspired our early material explorations when we began in 2008, and to which we’re now paying tribute.


The Granite Edition introduces the new "Travel Pack" and "Sling Bag" styles, and we've also taken the opportunity to apply our learnings on long-term wear into major redesigns of the Roll Pack and Zip Pack. The resulting bags combine minimalist design with minimum resource use to maximise circularity.

Every stage of the product lifecycle and production process is designed to have the lightest footprint. All styles are created from the fabric up, with zero-waste patterns. Featuring our signature functional details for optimal comfort and carrying flexibility, each style is made to endure and improve in patina over time.

When the bags are ready to be retired, all parts can flow back into their cycles: metal zippers and buckles are recyclable, while the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bananatex®, thread, tags and padding are 100% biodegradable.

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