A tribute to textures and tones of the highest quality: The marble quarries of Carrara, located in northern Italy, provided the backdrop for our Raw Natural Edition seasonal release. Pure white stone, smooth and cold to the touch, rippled through with warm, rust-toned veins: This contrast of colour and texture are embodied in the Raw Natural Edition, with its waxed natural tan leather base topped by QWSTION’s raw canvas – designed in reflection of Swiss Modernism’s preference for the use of pure materials in architecture and design.

The inspiration behind our Raw Natural Edition seasonal release took us to the north of Tuscany, Italy. There, rising to an impressionable 1,670m above sea level, the Apuan Alps are home to natural storehouses of a raw material that’s been extolled since Roman times: gleaming white Carrara marble with its delicate rust-toned ripples. Today, around 600 Carrara quarries remain in operation – an indication that the demand for this desirable material is showing no signs of slowing down.

In looking to the marble quarries of Carrara for the design of our Raw Natural Edition, we honour a rich tradition of craftsmanship that stretches back 2000 years. Carrara marble’s fine grain and malleable nature have secured its coveted status among architects and artists throughout the ages: Michelangelo was an early pioneer of the material and its advantageous properties, and many Renaissance sculptors such as Bodinella had their studios in Carrara. Palaces, columns and monuments that have been built from the smooth stone include The Pantheon, London’s Marble Arch and, more recently, the Oslo Opera House.

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